Morristown, NJ (August 24, 2015) – Sha’Daa author, Michael H. Hanson once again brings his love of writing and his epic horror series creation to DerpyCon for the convention’s second year.

Michael H. Hanson is a writer with over 80 short stories published in the fields of science fiction, horror, and fantasy. He is also the Founder of the international writers club “The Fictioneers,” which has over 160 members in 11 different countries.

Michael’s creation, SHA’DAA, is a shared-world horror anthology series published by Moondream Press (an imprint of Copper Dog Publishing LLC). The first four books in the series are “SHA’DAA: TALES OF THE APOCALYPSE,” “SHA’DAA: LAST CALL,” “SHA’DAA: PAWNS,” and “SHA’DAA: FACETS,” all of them featuring excellent stories by a talented array of authors Michael has put together. The fifth volume in his series, “SHA’DAA: INKED” is slated for publication in early 2016.

Michael has written short stories published in the last five volumes of Janet E. Morris’s long-running, shared-world Heroes-in-Hell series, in the anthologies: “LAWYERS IN HELL,” “ROGUES IN HELL,” “DREAMERS IN HELL,” “POETS IN HELL,” and “DOCTORS IN HELL,” all published by Perseid Press.
Michael is the co-owner of Copper Dog Publishing LLC, the home of the Sha’Daa series and soon many other books in a variety of genres.

Michael enjoys attending Conventions and interacting with attendees, comparing notes on popular movies, and spreading the word on his growing SHA’DAA universe. He spends his free time spinning tales of the fantastic and introspective poetry in his cozy garden apartment.

For more information about Michael and his work, and to follow his poetry posts, please check the links below:

ABOUT MOONDREAM PRESS: Moondream Press is the first fantasy imprint for Copper Dog Publishing, and endeavors to publish the best of the current new school of science fiction, fantasy, and horror. Our flagship SHA’DAA shared-world anthology series leads this charge with an impressive roster of fantastic authors. You can find more information about Moondream Press, including the latest releases, on their webpage,

ABOUT COPPER DOG PUBLISHING: Copper Dog Publishing endeavors to provide the reading public with exceptional literature and verse in the genres of mainstream poetry, adult science fiction/fantasy/horror, young adult fantasy, and illustrated poetry books for children.
Based in the state of Colorado, Copper Dog Publishing was founded in October 2013, and is staffed by Helen Harrison and Michael H. Hanson. Copper Dog’s current business plan is to publish invited works only and to maintain a “no submissions” policy for the immediate foreseeable future.
For information on Copper Dog Publishing, including a list of their latest releases, visit their website at

ABOUT DERPYCON: Serving as a multi-genre pop culture convention in northern New Jersey, DerpyCon celebrates the culture of animation, fantasy, and gaming. DerpyCon is presented by Vidgle and Jenthony Enterprises, Inc. DerpyCon 2015 will be held December 4-6, 2015 at the Hyatt Morristown at Headquarters Plaza in Morristown, NJ. For more information and news about DerpyCon 2015, go to