DerpyCon is pleased to offer members of the media press badges. Complimentary badges are provided to aid in doing press coverage at DerpyCon. Press badges can be provided to members of local/national news (both televised and print), news blogs, video bloggers, journalism students, photojournalists, high school news members, and on a case-by-case basis for other forms of press not mentioned here.

Press Badge Information

Our press badges feature the following:

  • Up to Two (2) Complimentary Weekend Badges to DerpyCon
  • Access to Private Interview Areas
  • Access to Interviewing Guests
    • Advanced Requests Only; Must be Approved by DerpyCon
    • Interviews are at the Discretion of the Guests
  • Receive Copies of Formal Press Releases
  • Access to Main Events Early for Press Seats
    • Advanced Requests Only; Must be Approved by DerpyCon
    • First-Come, First-Served; Limited Space Available

Press Policies

All press must abide by the following policies:

  • Press must abide by all convention policies, without exception.
  • Press must always identify themselves as such by wearing a DerpyCon Press Badge.
  • Press must be over the age of 18.
    • High School students are eligible with prior approval.
  • Press must abide by any photography restrictions.
    • This includes some select panels/events, viewings, vendors, and artists. A full list of photography restrictions will be provided closer to the convention.
  • Press are not allowed to offer paid photography sessions.
    • Anyone caught offering a paid photography session will be removed from the convention and will be ineligible for press badges at future DerpyCon events.
  • Press coverage must be available after the convention to the general public. Links to coverage should be emailed to after the convention.
    • Failure to report coverage after the convention may result in being ineligible for press badges at future DerpyCon events.