Disruptive Behavior Policy

We at DerpyCon are working very hard to ensure that this event takes place in a safe, fun, family-friendly environment and we need your cooperation.  We have policies to address specifics such as weapons.  We also have a general policy that we will not tolerate disruptive behavior or harassment.  We will take action when we see something that we determine to be dangerous and/or disruptive.  The type of action we take may range from a quiet but stern word in private to ejection and revocation of your con badge without refund.  Examples of unacceptable behavior include but are not limited to the following:

  • Fighting (Fake or Real)
  • Heckling
  • Impeding traffic flow
  • Offensive behavior
  • Harassment
  • Failure to observe basic hygiene
  • Foul and/or offensive language
  • Public inebriation/intoxication
  • Failure to follow rules or instructions of staff members.  Remember, anything illegal outside of the event is illegal inside the event.
  • If your behavior is problematic we will deal with it as such
  • Please show common courtesy to your fellow con members and remember the golden rule: “treat others the way you want to be treated”

Harassment Policy

DerpyCon will have no tolerance for harassment of any kind during the convention.

Harassment includes offensive verbal comments related to gender, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, race, religion, sexual images in public spaces, deliberate intimidation, stalking, following, harassing photography or recording, sustained disruption of talks or other events, inappropriate physical contact, and unwelcome sexual attention. Participants asked to stop any harassing behavior are expected to comply immediately.

If you are observed harassing other con-goers, DerpyCon’s Public Safety will remove you from the convention.

Should you feel harassed or have concern about the way you or someone else is being treated, please inform a staff member immediately. Staff are available throughout the convention at Con Ops, Info Desk, and Public Safety, and can also be reached via phone call or SMS text message at the following numbers:
 Con Ops: 973-969-1192
 Public Safety: 973-969-1338
 Info Desk: 973-969-1203
 These numbers can also be found on the back of your badge.

Line Etiquette

Lining up for events will not be allowed more than 30 minutes prior to the start of any event, at the discretion of con staff.  Con staff reserves the right to disband any existing line prior to this window at their discretion.  When lining up, be sure to check for “Line Ends Here” indicators.  We can’t promise to have them for every event, but please be mindful of them to get you inside quickly and assist in keeping to schedule.  Lines cannot block entrances or exits so please leave a gap in front of doors as per NJ Fire Codes.

Food and Drinks

No food or drinks are allowed in the convention space.  Water is permitted in the convention space. Please dispose of all trash and help keep the convention space clean!


Smoking, including electronic cigarettes, is permitted in designated areas outside of the building only.

Cameras at DerpyCon

  • Be respectful to our guests and attendees, we request that you ask permission before taking photos.
  • When stopping to take photographs in the hallways, please be considerate of your fellow congoers by being brief and not blocking traffic.
  • Photography within the Artist Alley is only allowed at the discretion of the individual artist.  Permission must be obtained from the artist first for photography of any kind.
  • Events that do not allow photography will be marked as such.  Violators will be subject to ejection.
  • The use of photographic devices is prohibited within certain areas of the convention.
  • DerpyCon’s Guests have the right to maintain their privacy.  Convention members may be asked to refrain from photographing Guests by the Guest or a member of Convention Staff.  We ask all members to please respect our Guests.

Children at DerpyCon

DerpyCon is a family event, but also an event with attendees of all ages.  We want to ensure the safety of all who attend our event, especially children.  Children under the age of 13 are required to have a parent or guardian with them at all times.  Accompanying parents or guardians must also be registered for the convention.


We are unable to page your child if your child becomes separated from you. For assistance, please locate a staff member with a radio immediately.

Dress Code

DerpyCon is a family-friendly event and attendees are asked to dress accordingly.  DerpyCon Staff reserves the right to ask an attendee to change their clothing if their attire (or lack thereof) is deemed inappropriate.

  • Shoes or footwear are required at all times.
  • Rollerblades are prohibited as are Heelys (shoes with wheels inserted), roller skates and stilts for obvious safety concerns.

18+ Policy

There are certain events that are designated for 18+.  Those who wish to attend must be at least 18 years of age and present photo identification to obtain a wristband at Registration or at a DerpyCon Info Desk prior to the event. Please refer to the hours and location listed to obtain your wristband. PLEASE NOTE THAT IF YOUR WRISTBAND APPEARS TO BE TORN OR ALTERED IN ANY WAY, YOU WILL BE DENIED ACCESS TO THE 18+ EVENT & YOU WILL BE REQUIRED TO OBTAIN A NEW WRISTBAND.

Signs at DerpyCon

While we understand the appeal of signs as ice-breakers, conversation starters, and costume accessories, the following guidelines must be taken into consideration:

  • Signs must be an established part of a costume.(i.e. the sign must be part of the standard “look” of the character, such as the sign carried by Genma the Panda from Ranma ½)
  • Signs with offensive content are not allowed regardless of whether they are “in character”.  Signs in violation of this policy will be confiscated.  Repeat offenders will be considered in violation of the disruptive behavior policy and subject to possible ejection from the premises.  This policy applies to all types of signs regardless of their construction.  Staff decisions are final.

Props at DerpyCon

Props policies at DerpyCon are for your safety as well as the safety of others and include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • NO LIVE STEEL will be permitted on the premises of the convention, without exception.  Live steel is defined as:
  • Swords, bayonets, knives, star knives, shuriken, metal armor – including chainmail.
  • Other objects made of metal which can take an edge regardless of whether or not the object is actually sharp.
  • Metal studs on costumes or other metal components of costumes/props may also be subjected to approval by DerpyCon’s Public Safety or Ops Staff.
  • NO PROJECTILE WEAPONS OF ANY KIND will be permitted.  Examples include, but are not limited to:
  • Airsoft guns of any kind, functional or not, real firearms, BB or other pellet guns,
  • Crossbows, dart guns, blow guns, water guns and/or pistols, stun guns, tasers
  • Paintball guns
  • The ONLY exception to this rule will be “prop” or resin models that are easily identifiable as toys, provided that they possess no moving parts and are clearly marked with a non-removable orange tip.
  • NO REAL BOWS, or pieces of real bows of any type are permitted within the Convention facility.
  • Additionally, authentic arrows (tipped or non-tipped), including crossbow bolts and other projectiles, will not be permitted.
  • NO “PADDLES” OF ANY SORT WILL BE PERMITTED.  This includes, but is not limited to.
  • Yaoi/Yuri Paddles.
  • NO NUNCHAKU of any kind will be permitted. Nunchaku is defined as two sticks or other body connected at their ends with a short chain or rope; two sticks can be made of any material or shape.
  • NO EXPLOSIVE CHEMICALS of any kind including, but not limited to: smoke powder, sparklers, or fireworks of any kind.
  • If it is illegal in the State of New Jersey, it is illegal inside the convention and convention facility as well as off the premises.
  • If our staff determines that your prop does not comply with our policies, you will be asked to remove the prop immediately from the convention space.
  • If a member of DerpyCon Staff asks to check your prop, you must comply immediately, Failure to comply may result in expulsion from the convention and revoking of your badge.

Permitted Props

Stave, bo sticks, bokken, shinai, and wooden swords will be permitted as long as they are handled responsibly and meet all other criteria.

  • Fake, prop, or made-up weapons (i.e. made of tissue paper, plaster, or cloth) are permitted if they are safe and not posing a danger to others around you.
  • Examples of dangerous conditions include, but are not limited to: items that may trip others, items that can snag people or surroundings, items that obstruct doors and hallways.
  • Props shall be limited to less than 6’6” (six feet six inches) in height and less than 50 lbs in weight.
  • Any chain must be less than 3’ (three feet) in length regardless of the material. This includes, but is not limited to chain wallets and non-costume chains.
  • Prop bows may be carried in the convention space, provided they are NOT strung with authentic bowstring, and any alternative material used (i.e. twine, yarn, any other non functioning material) is not attached to the bow in a taut (tight) fashion.
  • All bows must comply with all other general policies – no live steel or sharp edges, and not more than 6’6” in height.  Prop or toy arrows that are clearly marked as such are allowed.

    Behavior with Props

    • Misuse of a prop, such as swinging it in a public area or posing a hazard to others, will result in the prop being deemed unsafe for the convention and you will be asked to remove the item from the convention facility.
    • Any edged or other non-permitted weapons purchased in the Dealers Room must be boxed and removed from the convention facility property immediately.  Weapons are not to be taken out of their packaging and/or wrappings while on the convention facility property.
    • All props and weapons brought into the convention facility may be inspected for policy compliance by authorized DerpyCon staff, including those that may have had prior approval at other conventions or pre-convention approval by DerpyCon staff.
    • Any items that pose a potential safety hazard may need to be removed from the convention.
    • This includes any costume, prop, or accessory that obstructs doors or hallways, or otherwise poses any kind of danger to other attendees, staff or convention facility property.
    • When in doubt, check with DerpyCon staff.

    Guests and Autograph Policy

    We understand that getting autographs from our guests is a major highlight of the convention for many attendees; not just because it’s a fantastic souvenir, but also because it’s a chance for that tiny bit of face time with the guests.  However, demand nearly always outweighs supply, especially for extremely popular or extremely rare guests.  In order to give the greatest number of fans the opportunity to meet the guest we MUST keep the lines moving smoothly.  DerpyCon’s official scheduled autographing sessions are governed by the following rules:

    • DerpyCon cannot and does not guarantee that you will receive an autograph from any particular guest. Individual guests may participate in private or industry-sponsored appearances in the exhibitors hall and there may be fees or purchases associated with those sessions.  For-fee or purchase-required autograph sessions must always take place in the Autograph Designated Area.
    • Guests will always be glad to sign your DerpyCon program book as well as any official licensed and properly credited products.  They absolutely will NOT sign bootleg merchandise and you run the risk of offending them by asking them to do so.  Please show them respect and courtesy by asking them to sign only licensed official merchandise.  At their (the guest’s) sole discretion they may sign handmade, personal, or otherwise unusual items.  If you are uncertain about a particular item, check with a staff member in charge of the session first!  DerpyCon staff may veto any item as unsuitable for signing and such decisions are final.

    Unless a specific limit is posted for a particular guest, assume that you are limited to TWO ITEMS PER PERSON.

    • There will be no flash photography during the official signing session, unless otherwise noted.
    • There will be no photo ops during official signing sessions unless otherwise noted.
    • Do not monopolize the guest’s time if there are others waiting.  Assume that whatever you have to say must be said in 30 seconds or less, while the guest is signing your item.
    • Do not request excessive personalization, sketches, etc. unless the guest offers.
    • If you are bringing an item for the guest to sign, please have it ready for signing when you are within sight of the guest. If you brought CDs or DVDs, you should remove the cover insert to save time.  For unusual items, please ask the autograph staff for their recommendations so as to keep the line flowing.
    • Policies for specific guests may differ.

      Dances and Concerts

      • No bags or backpacks are permitted within the dance. Please note, we do not provide bag check!
      • No bottles (glass or plastic) or cans are permitted. Water will be provided.
      • Props are not permitted
      • No break dancing, hooping or stringing
      • No moshing
      • Feet must be on the floor at all times and shoes must be worn
      • No food allowed
      • If you are caught causing disruptive behavior, or violating convention policies, you will be asked by  member of DerpyCon staff to leave. Failure to comply may result in revoking of your badge and/or explusion from the event.

      If there are any questions, click here to contact us.