Morristown, NJ (August 24, 2015) – Captain Apollo of Battlestar Galactica is touching down in New Jersey for DerpyCon 2015!

Actor Richard Hatch enjoys international recognition for his work of more than three decades, but he is best known for his Golden Globe nominated work on Battlestar Galactica as Captain Apollo. He returned to the re-imagined version of the same series to play political activist Tom Zarek. He has won Germany’s Bravo Award for The Streets of San Francisco, which is Germany’s equivalent of America’s Emmy Award. He won Best Guest Actor at the Indie Series Awards recently for his guest starring role on Pairings. Mr. Hatch is also well known for his work on All My Children as Philip Brent. He recently worked with Malcolm McDowell on Cowboys & Engines in addition to starring as Klingon Commander Kharn in Star Trek: Axanar.

His career includes theatrical work with the Los Angeles Repertory Theatre and several Off-Broadway plays and musicals. He was nominated for the Joseph Jefferson Award for his part in the Obie Award winning play PS Your Cat is Dead. He’s been able to work with Jack Palance in The Hatfields and McCoys, Jason Robards in Addie and the Kings of Hearts, and Susan Sarandon in Last of the Belles. He also portrayed Jan Berry from the musical group “Jan and Dean” in the cult classic Deadman’s Curve.

Richard has had the opportunity to flex his directing muscles with Second Coming, a self-produced movie trailer depicting his vision of a Battlestar universe 20 years into the future, as well as an episode for the award winning web series Silicon Assassin. He recently completed the movie presentation for White Wings, a period piece about a young woman in the 20’s rebelling against abuse. He’s written, produced and directed an infomercial for the securities industry, and he produced his own reality series Who the Frak.

To add to his body of work, Hatch has co-written seven Battlestar Galactica novels as well as the Battlestar compendium, So Say We All. He’s currently working on an epic Sci-Fi universe called The Great War of Magellan, including a novel, a trailer, a comic book series, and a role playing game. Richard has plans to produce a web series for his work in the future.

His other current projects include directing a movie called With Honors, a story about a Vietnam War Veteran and his experiences upon returning home. He travels around the world and the US teaching acting workshops and intensives, as well as weekly acting classes in Los Angeles, spreading his passion for teaching and helping actors enhance their skills through various breathing and relaxation techniques, exercises in self-expression, scene studies, and acting methods. Additionally, Richard conducts workshops on personal growth and communication to help even the shyest and most inhibited people to open up and communicate more effectively, giving them the ability to achieve their maximum potential.

Richard is a huge fan favorite at conventions around the world, and he teaches acting workshops for free to convention attendees. He’ll be doing one of his workshops at DerpyCon 2015 for all who wish to learn about the entertainment industry.

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