Common Cosplay Mistakes

You saw us shimmy our stuff now learn from the pros and ask the questions you’ve always wanted to ask to our trained professionals of burlesque!

Cosplay Contests 101

Let’s discuss all things cosplay contests from how to choose your cosplay to sportsmanship! We will go through predudging, guidebooks, crafting tips and more! Come and ask all your competition questions to a cosplayer who’s been a competitor and a judge.

Learn to Sk8: A Voice Acting Q&A

From the skateboarding world to the recording studio, Howard Wang takes you inside what it takes to voice anime characters! Come with questions on what being a voice actor is like and leave with insightful answers from one of the industry’s top growing stars.

Punk Rock Panel

We aint got no place to go, so let’s go to the punk rock show. True then, true now. But what it punk, can it be defined, and where does one start? Well, right here. Come for the genre history, stay for the music recs and videos. A fine way to discover something new to...

Gameshow Impossibru: Tame That Game Tune!

The Manly Battleships take a new turn in this video game version of the convention classic. From Atari, to MS-DOS, to Playstation! If you happen to be old enough to remember the good old days, come attempt to guess the origin of all the fabulous music we’ll be playing...