Death Flag or Plot Armor: An Anime Survival Guide

Be they zombies, deranged psychopaths, or your fellow schoolmates, potential danger looms around the corner for every anime protagonist. Luckily the folks at Solidus Panelus have compiled a list of tips for those unlucky enough to be fighting for their anime life!...

Altering, Sewing, and Patterning! Oh My!

Have you ever wanted to sew or even modify a cosplay, but have no clue where to start? Well then, you’ve come to the right place! Learn about the art of sewing and pattern making from two people that started out with some supplies and a dream. @earthcosplay and @...

Americanized Anime

Before anyone knew what “anime” was, they were just cartoons that weren’t American enough. Join Children Driving Robots as we take a look at the different ways that anime was adapted over the years to Americanize them and why murica!

Anime Family Feud

Do you know the Anime Community the best? Test your knowledge at Anime Family Feud. This version of Family Feud will have questions related to anything and everything related to anime, such as but not limited to, Anime Shows, Fandoms, Memes, and much more.

KPop/JPop Random Chorus Game

Join us for a custom made “Random Dance Play”, featuring both KPOP and JPOP artists like Twice, LoveLive, BTS, Vocaloid, and more! Hydrate, fuel up, stretch, and get ready to dance along to your favorite choruses- both newer releases and classic staples!