Bring Your Art to Life with our Art Contest!

Calling all artists! Do you want a chance to win a free artist alley table and more for DerpyCon 2024?

DerpyCon is looking for an artist to create eye-catching artwork for our upcoming event. Help design adorable artwork of our mascots and the landscape of our theme. Your artwork will be featured on our DerpyCon 2024 badges, program guide, attendee t-shirts, billboards, and more!

To submit your artwork for consideration, complete the form, and provide a link to your portfolio. You will also need to provide a link or upload a concept image.

The contest will be open from July 6, 2023 through August 30, 2023. A winner will be determined by September 15.


Artwork Material:

  • 9 Badge designs
  • Social Media Template
  • Program Guide Cover and inside Program Guide (Optional)
  • Attendee T-Shirt
  • Mascots and Landscape Background
  • Marketing Postcards (two sides)
  • Advertising space, including banners and internet ads.

Click here for samples from years past (56.4 MB)

Important Details about your artwork to DerpyCon upon acceptance:

  • Artwork must feature all or one of the three mascots (see examples below)
  • Artwork must feature our theme: “Cityscape Beach (episode)”
  • Artwork must feature the words “DerpyCon” and “2024”
  • For T-Shirt, artwork must be 3 to 5 solid colors (no shading)
  • Artwork must be 12500px x 12500px minimum in size, CMYK color, and in 300dpi. Templates will be provided on acceptance.
  • Artwork must follow a deadline schedule, all artwork will be needed by March 30, 2024.

Winning Design Info:

If selected as our winning artwork, your artwork will be featured for our DerpyCon 2024 items. DerpyCon will retain the rights to use your artwork for use. The winner will receive:

  • Up to 3 Badges to DerpyCon 2024 (a $135 value)
  • 1 Artist Alley Table at DerpyCon 2024 with one badge (a $175 value)
  • Travel Reimbursement (up to $250)
  • Hotel Room with up to two room nights compensation (a $400 value)

Art Specifications and Terms:

  • Designs must contain original artwork only! No tracing, stealing, cropping, etc. from other images or artwork. Also, no copyrighted, trademarked, or licensed characters.
  • Design shall contain all three mascots.
  • Designs must remain PG. No blood, nudity, suggestive content, etc.
    All artwork is subject to the following:
    • No person, group, organization, or entity has any rights over the DerpyCon art properties, except locations where permitted by DerpyCon or where specifically permitted by the DerpyCon Command Staff. Examples may include, but are not limited to: the DerpyCon logo, the DerpyCon emblems, and the DerpyCon mascots.
    • Those who provide artwork to DerpyCon (hereafter referred to as “artist” or “artists”) must agree, at minimum, to grant DerpyCon exclusive, non-royalty-bearing, unlimited license to use that artwork for DerpyCon activities including, but not limited to, advertisement, promotion, and merchandising. In addition, the artist may not use the artwork without express written permission of the DerpyCon Command Staff. However, the artist does reserve the right to include such artwork in their portfolio, on social media, or in other showcasing ways that are not for commercial use without DerpyCon Command Staff permission.

Our Mascots: